“Jesus looks to our hearts, your heart, my heart. With this gaze of Jesus, you can help bring about another humanity, without looking for acknowledgement but seeking goodness for its own sake, content to maintain a pure heart and to fight peaceably for honesty and justice.”
Pope Francis
World Youth Day 2016
EDUCATION: Formed in His Communion


Come join your St. Anthony's parish friends and their friends in pursuit of the authentic relationships that can fulfill the desires of your heart.

Check out the Parish Marketplace, Mission Work and Parish Map pages for opportunities to offer the gift of yourself here in our local community and beyond. Follow the parish on Facebook and Twitter to get news on upcoming events.

Boy Scouts

Cub Scouts

Girl Scouts

PALS program for girls



Buy tickets here for the 125th Anniversary Dinner Dance!

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Scouting for Food Collection, Nov. 11

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Prayer for young people

Lord, grant that I may always allow myself to be guided by you, always follow your plans and perfectly accomplish your holy will. Grant that in all things, great and small, today and all the days of my life, I may do whatever you require of me. Help me respond to the slightest prompting of your grace so that I may be your trustworthy instrument for your honor. Amen.

-St. Teresa of Avila (1515-1582)

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